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95 phonics core program® articles

explore insights from educators and practical resources as you evaluate the benefits of an evidence-based reading program to support your tier 1 phonics instruction.

middle school students holding phonics chips
science of reading

best practices for implementing 95 phonics core program: lessons learned from a california school district

fairfax school district is located in a small community on the southeast side of bakersfield, in kern county, california. the district currently has four schools (they’re adding a fifth) with a total of 2688 students. here they share best practices in implementing the science of reading.

you have to be able to tell your story of why a new program is important to get the buy-in because if you don’t have a story and you just say “because it worked over there,” it’s not going to work. i have to model it myself and show the importance of it. as a leader, you need to have a passion project for your staff that you’re excited about. that’s how you change the culture.

david mack chief administrator of business services, fairfax school district

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i am seeing double digit gains in k-5—double digit.

nikki porter, principal

stonewall tell elementary school
reading students raise hands as their literacy teacher explains items show on a smart board
science of reading

95 phonics core program® k-2 efficacy study


more improvement for the treatment group of kindergarteners using 95 phonics core program after only 14 weeks

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95 phonics core program® resources

independent district success

of all the new curricula i have been asked to implement, 95 percent group is by far my favorite. it has made the most sense. it was so easy to make the change because it works. it gets kids reading, and it also helps them enjoy it.

julie groce, first grade teacher

julie groce, first grade teacher gallardo elementary school

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one of the most effective tools that we’re using in fulton county schools is 95 phonics core program. that has been a game changer for our students and for our teachers. honestly if i tried to remove that program from our teacher’s hands these days, they would fight me. and when i go into classrooms, i see students learning at levels that they haven’t learned in previous years. it’s truly been transformational.

mike looney, phd

superintendent, fulton county schools
95 phonics core program® resources

district spotlight: changing reading instruction

here we take an in-depth look at the wicomico school district in maryland, whose leadership and literacy team worked together to transform their approach to reading instruction. they saw, in return, strong student improvement. one changemaker, dr. renee r. hall, offers tips for other educators on advancing literacy in their school or district.

our kids are part of whole-class instruction with 95 phonics core program and then, if they need more focused help, they use the intervention materials that employ the same methods. for students, this connected experience is so much smoother. it’s like being able to talk in the same language.

headshot of renee hall

renee hall, phd supervisor of reading k-5, wicomico county public schools

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middle school girl reading a book at a library desk
95 phonics core program® resources

spotlight: literacy grows in glen rose


increase in first graders reading at grade level

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having a strong strategy like this in tier 1 is your best defense against more kids moving into tiers 2 or 3.

julie groce, first grade teacher

gallardo elementary school
science of reading

95 phonics core program® k-2 efficacy study


essa level of evidence, based upon a third-party independent efficacy study on the impact of 95 phonics core program

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we look for growth from all students, not just our struggling students. we can’t be satisfied with the growth we have experienced; some students haven’t reached their highest potential yet. we need to set high expectations and bring out the best in our teachers.

joyce flowers, phd

principal, madison simis elementary school

95 phonics core program in the news

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tools 4 reading acquisition

there are more than 8,000 products used in k-12 schools and fewer than 1 percent have earned this digital promise certification.

rachel schechter, phd

rachel schechter, phd learning experience design (lxd) research

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put science into practice

elementary school students working with instructional manipulatives, guided by their reading specialist

professional learning opportunities

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i believe that 95 percent group is uniquely positioned to help guide the way for an ever increasing science of reading base in our country. we provide the entire literacy system for teachers and their students. this includes professional learning, assessment, and instructional resources so that teachers can turn theory into practice and help each child make progress.

headshot of laura stewart

laura stewart chief academic officer