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tools 4 reading

literacy tools for empowering educators with literacy resources and training to help every child achieve reading success

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the literacy tools you love, now part of the one95 literacy ecosystem

recently 95 percent group acquired tools 4 reading, a company founded by literacy education leader mary e. dahlgren, ed.d. the addition includes all of tools 4 reading’s widely-recognized classroom and professional learning resources, including the reading teacher’s top 10 tools.

tools 4 reading sound wall solutions

tools 4 reading literacy solutions

95 percent group professional learning connects literacy educators with the expertise and resources to navigate today’s learning landscape.

fun and engaging instruction

kid lips and the kid lips instructional guide

solid skill support

sound wall solutions

effective practice

phoneme and grapheme cards

resources from the experts

50 nifty activities, spellography, and more!

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the top 10 tools course was amazing. it was absolutely the best training i have ever received. it was intensive, comprehensive, and demanding but the payoff in my learning and being able to readily apply what i was learning was worth every minute of it.

mary spiker

kindergarten teacher, 2017 idaho teacher of the year
a teacher gives one-on-one attention to a student using a pencil and workbook

tools 4 reading professional learning

mastering effective literacy instruction requires robust professional learning. the reading teacher’s top 10 tools adds to 95 percent group’s offerings a comprehensive science of reading course. benefits include:

designed for teachers, administrators, staff

build a firm foundation in the science of reading conceptual knowledge, including the fundamentals of phonics-based instruction.

flexible for ease of learning

10 self-paced digital tools to master instruction on: oral language, phonemes, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, writing, and more.

built by expert educators

originally developed by literacy expert deb glaser, ed.d.

explore tools 4 reading professional learning

mary dahlgren

since founding tools 4 reading in 2010, my team and i have taken seriously our commitment to work directly with teachers to embrace the science behind reading, and to give them the tools to do so. in 95 percent group, i am confident we have found the perfect partner who shares our beliefs and goals and will carry our mission into the future.

mary e. dahlgren, ed.d.

founder, tools 4 reading, literacy executive in residence, 95 percent group
phonemes and graphemes and other tools for reading classrooms

strong track record, promising future

95 percent group’s acquisition of tools 4 reading is the culmination of 15 years of the tools 4 reading team’s hard work and dedication. tools 4 reading team members are continuing to work hard alongside 95 percent group colleagues to keep moving forward the best knowledge and best practices in the science of reading.

this partnership is the perfect one for fully supporting educators and schools in developing confident, grade-level readers and driving district-wide literacy achievement.

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tools 4 reading acquisition


years of tools 4 reading teamwork results in the “perfect partnership”

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explicit and systematic literacy instruction, backed by the science of reading

explicit and systematic literacy instruction, backed by the science of reading

the evidence is consistent and overwhelming: explicit and systematic phonics instruction leads to better outcomes. our one95 literacy system combines evidence-based instruction tools, resources, and knowledge into one comprehensive system — proven and trusted to help students master reading fundamentals.

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or more of students can learn to read with high quality, evidence-based instruction.

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tools 4 reading adds beloved and effective literacy offerings to the one95 literacy ecosystem, helping increase its impact upon schools and districts across the country. discover how these offerings can transform your literacy instruction.

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