jamestown public schools, new york 

95 percent group worked with the six elementary schools and three middle schools in jamestown for a four-year period. two of the elementary schools had received a reading first grant. because of the strong interventions completed in kindergarten, the dibels scores of students at the beginning of first grade grew from 38% at benchmark in the fall of 2005 to 66% at benchmark in the fall of 2008.

additionally, the percentage of students identified as intensive declined from 32% to 12% in that same period. the effective interventions in first grade also resulted in an increase in the number of second grade students entering the year at benchmark from 37% to 53%. for third grade, the growth increased from 33% to 50%. the district has continued to make gains since 2008 with only occasional support from 95 percent group. the data are summarized in figure 3 below.

 jamestown dibels data

sustainable gains - jamestown
jamestown 38-66 percent