95 percent group's efficacy studies

several schools have done efficacy studies to determine if schools using 95 percent group’s instructional materials and assessments would demonstrate higher overall reading achievement by the end of the school year. participating schools were in diverse, high need areas. effectiveness was studied for both tier 2 and 3 intervention groups, and class-wide instruction. study authors included teachers, interventionists and reading coaches.

the general conclusion reached is that “explicit instruction supports the development of foundational skills in reading resulting in higher overall achievement by the end of the school year.”

we would like to thank all of the educators who generously provided their time and effort to participating in this study. we appreciate your dedication, and diligent efforts to make your students better readers.

rmc research corporation hired to conduct independent product studies to meet essa level 2 evidence requirements

95 percent group is pleased to announce that we've hired rmc research corporation to conduct third party independent studies on our products that will meet the rigor of essa level 2 evidence studies.

attached to the link below is a packet of materials to support the claim that the company’s intervention and classroom programs meet essa evidence level 4 today and are likely to qualify as essa evidence level 2 at the conclusion of the studies that are now in progress.

for more information, please contact us at 847-499-8200 or info@95percentgroup.com.

summary of current and future efficacy research