phonics lesson library™

the phonics lesson library™ (pll) is an extensive phonics interventional program that provides everything required for effective phonics lessons. to save teachers valuable time, all the planning and work is done for them! 

each of the 75 weekly lessons includes the following materials:

  • weekly lesson broken into a 5-day plan. each full color lesson plans feature phonics chip movement in each lesson. each daily lesson includes:

    • the steps to teach each day with the abbreviated "i dos" after initial introduction
    • simple steps for teaching only that lesson
    • estimate of time required to teach each step
    • easy to spot symbols illustrating materials needed to teach each lesson
    • phonics chip movement is recommended with the chips available as a separate purchase by product level: basic, advanced, multisyllable
  • 3 decodable text passages per skill (teacher and student versions)
  • word lists 
  • teacher word cards 
  • student word cards for word sort
  • fluency sheets
  • review grids
  • thorough, clear, expanded lesson plans
  • comprehension questions
  • end of lesson assessments  

the phonics lessons are broken into 3 parts: basic, advanced, and multisyllable. the following lessons are included in each part:

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basic edition

  • the basic pll includes 32 weekly lessons on the following basic phonics skills:
         skill 2: short vowels (6 lessons)
         skill 3: blends and past tense (8 lessons)
         skill 4: digraphs (6 lessons)
         skill 5: long vowels and phonograms (12 lessons)

download a sample of the basic edition:

advanced edition

  • the advanced pll includes 25 weekly lessons on the following basic phonics skills:
          skill 6: predictable vowel teams (5 lessons)
          skill 7: unpredictable vowel teams (6 lessons)
          skill 8: vowel-r (6 lessons)
          skill 9: complex consonants and past tense (8 lessons)

download a sample of the advanced edition:

multisyllable edition

  • the multisyllable pll includes 18 weekly lessons on the following basic phonics skills:
           skill 10: closed syllables (4 lessons)
           skill 11: silent-e syllables and schwa (3 lessons)
           skill 12: open syllables (3 lessons)
           skill 13: vowel team syllables (4 lessons)
           skill 14: consonant -le syllables (1 lesson)
           skill 15: vowel-r syllables (3 lessons)

download a sample of the multisyllable edition:

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