foundational literacy courses

our five foundational literacy courses provide a unique 世界杯足球2022亚洲预选赛 opportunity to build teacher knowledge about the science of reading and research on reading development and include:

     -  understanding the science of reading
     -  it all begins with language: preparing students for the journey from speech to print 
     -  the development of phonological awareness across the grade levels 
     -  the depth and breadth of phonics instruction 
     -  advanced word study: mastering multisyllable words

these 世界杯足球2022亚洲预选赛 workshop do not focus on 95 percent group products. the training is designed to be delivered in a face-to-face or virtual learning format. download the course descriptions to learn more.

for more information about scheduling a workshop for your school or district, complete the form or give us a call 847-499-8200, #2.

image 102.1 training topics - rti sessions"the 95% group 世界杯足球2022亚洲预选赛 has brought an intentional focus on phonological awareness.  in higher education, as well as my classes for my certification, there was never a focus on how students learn how to read and the processes in the brain.  through the science of reading training i was able to have a better understanding of how students scientifically learn how to read."  

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understanding the science of reading

now, you can bring this 1-day workshop to your district or school to build a common knowledge base among your prek-6 instructional team.  if you don’t have time for training that takes 5 days or more, this is the perfect starting point to ensure that all your educators have a shared understanding of this critical topic.

this engaging workshop is filled with hands-on activities and covers the following topics:

  • understanding the term science of reading 
  • explore how researchers study reading including where reading occurs in the brain, the difference between struggling and skilled readers, and how researchers study and validate instructional strategies
  • know the 3 theoretical models of reading: the simple view of reading, the 4-part processing model, and scarborough’s rope
  • explore how phonological awareness skills develop along a sequence and practice instructional strategies to teach pa
  • learn about recent research on orthographic mapping, why it is critical to efficient word learning, and practice teaching phonics concepts in ways that align with the characteristics of structured literacy
  • learn how to develop fluency at the subskill level
  • understand the role of situational models and background knowledge in comprehension
  • develop your student’s vocabulary with word learning strategies that include morphemes

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