understanding dyslexia


early identification and intervention is critical for student success

understanding dyslexia™ is an asynchronous, online training about dyslexia, a language-based learning disability that creates challenges in learning to read, spell, and it may also affect other language processes such as writing or learning a foreign language.  while dyslexia is a permanent condition, it will not limit student achievement if they are identified early and receive effective intervention instruction.  our challenge as educators is to provide both early identification and intervention and this training is designed to provide the knowledge base to make this happen.


the course is designed to provide educators with a deeper understanding of what dyslexia is, how to identify the signs and symptoms, and to dispel myths about this learning disability.  early identification is key and whether you’re a classroom teacher, intervention specialist, reading coach, title 1 teacher, special education teacher, or an administrator, completing this course will better prepare you to meet student needs. 

meet your instructor

susan hall, ed.d. is the lead trainer and the narrator of this online course. dr. hall has been involved in the dyslexia educational community for over 20 years.

during this time she was the illinois branch president of the international dyslexia association and served on the national board of ida as chair of the branch council.


understanding dyslexia™ includes two modules and engages learners through the use of nine integrated videos (with nationally recognized experts delivering major course content), narrated interaction slides, and downloadable resources.  the course can be completed 24/7 at the participant's convenience and can be accessed via a link to a web-based learning management system.  it will take about 2 hours to complete this training.  

module 1

     welcome and course overview
     definitions of dyslexia
     ida definition
     how the definition of dyslexia has changed over time
     influence of the individuals with disability education act (idea) – 2004 reauthorization
     basic facts about dyslexiaunderstanding dyslexia
     definitions of dyslexia
     warning signs
     brain research methods (watch a course video)
     debunking myths
     response to intervention: reading development

module 2 

     reading development across time 
     working memory: ran and phonological memory 
     assessment for evaluation and evaluation components
     indicators by age/grade level
     end of course quiz

certificate of completion

understanding dyslexia badge
a personalized certificate of completion and a micro-credential badge for your electronic resume will be issued to participants who successfully complete the course.

course approval
understanding dyslexia is open to all educators and has been specifically approved by the new mexico state department of education (public education department – ped) and the oregon department of education.

new mexico

understanding dyslexia (version 2.0) is based on an online course that 95 percent group developed for the state of new mexico.  in 2010, 95 percent group was selected by the new mexico state department of education (public education department – ped) to develop teacher awareness training about dyslexia.  according to the new mexico dyslexia law, all educators in the state were required to view four one-hour online modules designed by 95 percent group, to understand dyslexia and to identify students early in the education process.  understanding dyslexia includes 1 of the 4 modules used in new mexico.


the oregon department of education has approved the use of understanding dyslexia, (version 2.0) to fulfill the requirement: understanding and recognizing dyslexia (urd) as required per the state’s dyslexia law and addressed in the outcomes standard for professional learning.

enroll online today

additional information and a registration form can be found in our web store understanding dyslexia online course.  after registering for the course, participants will be issued a code to access the training. the code will expire in 4 weeks and is limited to one user.  

please contact us with any questions info@95percentgroup.com


understanding dyslexia badge

understanding dyslexia™ resources

here's a list of the downloadable resources you'll find in module 2.

95 percent group basic phonological awareness continuum

95 percent group blending continuum

95 percent group phonics continuum

dyslexia indicators by age and grade level
2-page document highlights indicators for preschool, kindergarten/first grade, second grade/above, and adolescents/adults

assistive technology accommodations

dyslexia and comorbidities

resources on neurological aspects of dyslexia

frequently asked questions about dyslexia

how do 95 percent group practices and products meet the needs of students with dyslexia and dyslexic tendencies? 

what are the components of a comprehensive evaluation for dyslexia?

how do 95 percent group's instructional materials align with the elements and instructional principles advocated by ida for students with dyslexia?

should phonological awareness be included in a comprehensive evaluation for dyslexia?

user reviews for understanding dyslexia™ online training

"what i enjoyed most was the background information and the resources. the course provided me with a much better understanding of dyslexia. i would recommend this online training to my colleagues."
reading interventionist

"i liked that the presentation was mixed formats (some video, some slides, questions to think about).  the modules were short and concise and the information was easy to follow."
k-5 special education teacher

"it was great that we had time to go back and access the materials.  the course provided a detailed overview and provided great insight about dyslexia."
reading coach