95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ™: grade 2 tune-up, teacher's package

comprehensive program designed to help students overcome phonics deficits and close gaps as they begin second grade. includes a te with 25 fully scripted lessons, manipulatives, and online materials.
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fuel student learning this fall

for schools across the country, eoy literacy assessment data confirmed that many grade 1 - 3 students did not master critical phonics skills from the prior school year due to unavoidable instructional interruptions. as a result, we recognize that schools will be facing unprecedented instructional challenges this fall to meet urgent phonics needs. to quickly address these concerns, 95 percent group decided to republish our 95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ™: summer school edition 2021 with a new name and cover: 95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ™: tune-up.

95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ™: grade 2 tune-up includes the same great content used to close phonics gaps during summer school as is now available for use during the school year to quickly identify and address skill deficits.  tune-up includes two printed components: the teacher’s package and student workbook set which are sold separately.

product description

95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ™: grade 2 tune-up, teacher's package includes:

•  a full-color spiral-bound teacher's edition with scripted, 20-minute easy-to-follow lessons and routines that require minimal teacher prep and planning

•  engaging manipulatives, including 15 removable letter-sound cards with a full-page teacher resource providing articulation cues for each sound taught in the tune-up program 

•  access to a secure site containing the presentation files. teachers can access and use the digital presentation files to model guided practice, in the classroom or remotely using a video conferencing platform. the digital components are accessible on any device with a current browser, including a chromebook®.  

a 3 month presentation file subscription is included with the initial teacher's package purchase. this single-user subscription can be renewed with individual teachers opting for a 3 month or a 6 month license.




research-based structured literacy instruction that is explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative that delivered to the whole class or small groups

·      •  scripted lesson plans and digital components ensure that students receive a consistent curriculum face-to-face or remotely across a campus or district

·      •  lesson flexibility to complete the program in fewer than 25 days by skipping lessons, based on student mastery and most urgent needs

·      •  online ancillary materials featuring html presentation files and a 30-minute on-demand teacher training video to ensure educator preparedness 

additionally, the 世界杯2022夺冠热门  aligns with all of 95 percent group’s phonics assessments and intervention materials so students will have consistent gestures, chip colors with our tier 1 phonics strand and intervention materials.

95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ™: tune-up overview and grade 2 sample lesson

click here to download a complete program description for all three tune-up grade levels including the scope and sequence, lesson topics by day, and skill focus.

second grade tune-up sample lesson

 95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ™: grade 2 tune-up also includes a student workbook set that is sold separately in 5-pack sets (ph4022.05). 

the booklet pages follow the 25 lessons and includes a sound-spelling mat plus colored chips for mapping sounds making the lessons more engaging. 

the 5-pack sets enable flexible ordering for varying group sizes.