95 phonics core program™ - grade 3 classroom kit

includes teacher’s edition (3 vol), student workbooks (4 vol) and individual manipulative sets for 20 students, classroom posters, assessments and a school year subscription to digital presentation (renewable in subsequent years).
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you asked for it — and we heard you! 

introducing our new whole-class phonics program, designed to bring the effectiveness of 95 percent group’s structured literacy instruction approach to the entire class. this program helps to address and prevent reading gaps for all students.

4 grades 95 phonics core program
this phonics program is the ideal way to ensure that all your k-3 students receive the science-based phonics instruction they need. it adds an explicit phonics strand to the core program. it is designed to accommodate both in-person and remote learning.       

each grade-level kit features:              

teacher's edition with all lessons and activities to teach foundational ela standards teacher's edition page
manipulatives: individual sets of chips for sound-spelling mapping
student workbooks for in-class practice or to send home in case of school closures student workbook page
digital presentation for each daily lesson, modeling the guided practice for students to map sounds and study word patterns
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95 percent group's new whole-class phonics program leads to student mastery of critical early literacy skills. it helps fill in gaps where the core instruction is not meeting the needs of all students.  

schools use this phonics program to provide systematic and explicit word study and spelling instruction in grades k–3 as well as to reduce the number of students who need intervention instruction.  

95 phonics core program is aligned with research and 95 percent group’s proven approach.  the comprehensive instructional materials offer flexibility for in-person and remote delivery, allowing for continuity of learning whether students are gaining skills at home or at school.

the program includes these components:

• letter-sound correspondence
• letter formation instruction and practice in kindergarten
• suggestions for developing print concepts to explicit instruction in blending cvc words in k and grade 1
• phonics patterns demonstrated and practiced hands-on with phonics chips
• phoneme-grapheme mapping including phonemic awareness
• high frequency word practice 
• writing words, word chains, sentences, and short responses to passage reading
• word and phrase fluency practice 
• weekly spelling lesson lists designed to reinforce the focus pattern, review previous patterns, and assess mastery of high frequency words 
• practice applying phonics knowledge to read decodable text 
• instruction in morphological units including common prefixes, suffixes, and latin roots
• instruction and practice in the use of comprehension processes through oral discussions and written responses after reading decodable texts
• end-of-unit assessments for monitoring progress 

to request additional information, please contact your local 95 percent group representative or email sales@95percentgroup.com.