phonological awareness lessons

phonological awareness (pa) is the awareness of units in speech –syllables, onsets, rimes, and the separate sounds in words (which is phonemic awareness). phonological awareness is a foundational skill upon which other reading skills are built. when students don’t master pa, it can affect their future progress in the other essential components of reading. early intervention is essential to help struggling readers develop the skills to read successfully.

our phonological awareness screener for intervention™ (pasi™) is a tool that ascertains exactly where in the phonological awareness continuum the student is experiencing difficulties.

phonological awareness lessons
 are sequenced in order from the simplest syllable skills with compound words to the most complex phoneme substitution tasks. the comprehensive pa lesson plans go beyond activities as we provide instruction and practice to make instruction explicit and systematic for struggling readers. abstract syllables, rimes, and phonemes become concrete through the use of manipulatives, to enhance awareness and manipulation of sounds, that are included in our phonological awareness lessons deluxe package.

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phonological awareness screener for intervention™ (pasi™), version 3.1
price $495.00
phonological awareness screener for intervention™ (pasi™), version 3.1  - more info
an easy-to-administer informal diagnostic assessment that enables teachers to pinpoint deficit skills and determine where to start instruction.
phonological awareness lessons deluxe package
price $390.00
phonological awareness lessons deluxe package - more info
the deluxe pa package includes everything that's needed to teach phonological awareness lessons to an intervention group.
phonological awareness lessons video playlist
price $55.00
phonological awareness lessons video playlist - more info
tax free
the playlists includes 215 video clips of 95 percent group consultants demonstrating phonological awareness lessons with students.
phonological awareness continuum
price $5.00
phonological awareness continuum - more info
a constant reminder of which reading skills should be mastered at which age and in which order. the skills on the continuum are directly aligned with the phonological awareness lessons.