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we offer live and on-demand literacy webinars to help busy teachers and educators learn about the science of reading and targeted literacy instruction when it’s convenient for them.

a teacher learns about the science of reading during an online webinar

literacy webinars for teachers and educators

help drive and sustain change in your school or district. mark your calendars or dive into our recorded sessions below.

upcoming live webinars

join our experts and gain insight on current literacy topics. build your knowledge and leadership capacity.

introducing 95 literacy intervention system™

introducing 95 literacy intervention system™

effectively managing tier 2 intervention can be challenging for even the best-run mtss environments. join us to learn how the new 95 literacy intervention system™ is designed to improve reading proficiency and move students out of intervention more quickly.

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courageous leaders webinar series

courageous leaders webinar series

introducing our courageous leaders webinar series, where laura stewart, chief academic officer, will feature insightful discussions with transformative literacy leaders. register today for these inspiring sessions!

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on-demand 95 percent group webinars

did you miss our previous webinars? enjoy the recordings of past events below.

tier 3 in the one95™ literacy ecosystem™: proven instruction that works!

tier 3 in the one95™ literacy ecosystem™: proven instruction that works!

95 rap™ (reading achievement program) is proven to meet the needs of students reading well below grade level. watch this on-demand webinar to discover the power of this small group, individualized reading intervention delivered by teachers to help developing readers achieve skill mastery.

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 i have beginning-of-year data. now what?

i have beginning-of-year data. now what?

after screening your students and collecting data showing skill deficits, you’re probably wondering what’s the best instructional approach to close these phonics gaps. in this session, laura stewart, chief academic officer, and anella wetter, chief sales officer, showcase a different approach to assessment and intervention instruction that eliminates the ‘now what’ and uses your data to immediately inform instruction.

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students in a phonics-based instructional class gain skills that are measured by assessments.

literacy rising in mississippi

mississippi was once ranked last in the nation for reading achievement, but today has turned the tide. in this webinar, dr. kymyona burk, mississippi’s former state literacy director and now a senior policy fellow at excelined, and kelly butler, ceo of the barksdale reading institute, share the strategic policies and actions that created this literacy success.

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african-american female educator waves happily to laptop camera while accessing online webinar training from her home office.

improving instructional practices & student outcomes with top 10 tools

top 10 tools founder, dr. deb glaser shared her rationale for creating this comprehensive course that empowers educators with the knowledge they need to develop proficient readers. watch to learn more about the 10 self-paced modules that reflect the critical components of reading instruction and take an in-depth view of the user experience as deb shares tool 4: phonics and spelling – effective decoding and encoding instruction.

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latina elementary school student holds notebook while smiling in grade school classroom.

bringing reading science to practice for english learners: a transformation story

laura stewart, chief academic officer, and dr. antonio fierro, vice president professional learning and academics at 95 percent group, are joined by education leaders from the irving independent school district in irving, tx, to share how applying current reading science research to instruction positively impacts english learner outcomes.

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four older elementary school students smile and embrace in front of books in the library

95 percent group + tools 4 reading: the perfect partnership

laura stewart, chief academic officer at 95 percent group, and dr. mary dahlgren, founder of tools 4 reading and literacy executive in residence at 95 percent group, talk about what this new partnership means for educators and how it will effectively support instructional practices.

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five teachers in a targeted literacy education session for professional learning

95 phonics core program®: applying reading science to transform instruction

laura stewart, chief academic officer, and joni maville,  director, content development, 95 percent group, were joined by amy bybee, assistant superintendent/curriculum director, and laura meyer, fifth grade teacher with ottawa school district in kansas. they shared first-hand examples of how the 95 percent group phonics ecosystem has impacted students and teachers in the ottawa school district.

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dr. tracy white weeden

texas tipping point

prepare to be inspired.

learn why dr. tracy white weeden, president & ceo of neuhaus education center in houston, tx, views texas as a “tipping point” for advancing literacy and why she says educators are the “inventors of the future.”

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a teacher helps middle school students during language arts and literacy block

10 questions & 4 tips for transforming literacy leadership

now more than ever, educational leaders are being called to follow current reading science to implement meaningful changes in instructional practices and classroom resources to impact student reading outcomes.

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an elementary school girl is hard at work in her phonics workbook while a fellow student smiles

what is a phonics ecosystem & why does it matter?

a closer look at 95 percent group’s phonics ecosystem—a cohesive suite of products and professional learning services aligned with the science of reading.

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middle school girl and boy outside enjoying their reading time

achieving success with mtss

support students in all tiers with mtss insights to improve current implementation practices, sustain effective processes, and strengthen site-based plans to meet shared goals. this webinar with laura stewart will guide and support your mtss roadmap.

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two middle-school girls read a book on the playground

summer school that works: explicit, efficient, effective

learn more about implementing a summer school program that’s aligned with structured literacy and reading science to help students meet grade level expectations.

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a teacher listening to her students as they work through phonics lessons

maximizing summer school curriculum

incorporate structured literacy practices that are aligned with the science of reading into your daily lesson plans for your k-2 phonics summer school curriculum. hosted by laura stewart, chief academic officer, and joni maville, director of development, 95 percent group

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three elementary school girls point to words they are breaking into parts and reading

phonics instructional routines—aligned with sor

learn practical, multimodal instructional routines that align with the science of reading. hosted by dr. susan hall, co-founder, and judie caroleo, director of consulting operations, 95 percent group. presented in collaboration with the wisconsin science of reading and literacy task force.

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a middle school reader looking proud

small group structured literacy instruction

how can structured literacy instruction be used in place of leveled learning? during this 3-part session, we uncover the why, what, and how for moving away from leveled learning to small group structured literacy instruction to improve student outcomes.

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a middle school boy smiles while reading a book in a library, while a middle school girl writes in a journal

understand the science of reading & structured literacy

the “science of reading” is a hot term. what does it really mean? how does it relate to a structured literacy approach? this webinar unpacks the research and presents the instructional principles that guide structured literacy.

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teacher pointing to materials with young students

95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ®: tune-up training resources

this password-protected page is provided exclusively for the benefit of clients that have purchased the 95 phonics 世界杯2022夺冠热门 ® : tune-up from 95 percent group.

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middle school reading students discuss their books during an outdoor reading session

school leaders as agents of change

laura stewart, chief academic officer, hosts school leaders who share their experiences in transforming school literacy systems and curricula. during the 60-minute webinar, thought leaders from the field participate in a question and answer session about the journey to bringing change.

on-demand literacy webinar series: 95 live

95 percent group offers these complimentary webinars to all educators. each 30-minute webinar is presented by one of our experienced consultants. click below to access the recordings, handouts, and other complementary resources.

teaching with decodable text

mastering the questioning process

how the brain reads: highlighting the work of dr. stanislas dehaene

what is orthographic mapping and why is it important?

scarborough’s rope – strand by strand

phonemic awareness for older readers

balanced literacy and structured literacy – what’s the difference?

balanced literacy and structured literacy – what’s the difference?

morphological awareness: does it really matter?

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